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Maquillalia Haul: Makeup Revolution, Tonymoly, NYX and L.A.Girl.

Hey dolls!

I am sorry I've been absent for so long but I caught a horrible laryngitis and then went on vacation with my family to Spain and ended up not doing much. But now I am healthy again and back to business!

 I hope your Summer was amazing and that you're recharged for a new work year (unless you haven't gone on vacs yet than Hold on! you'll get there! :) )

 So today I bring you a small haul from the Maquillalia website. While I was in Spain I did see some of the products here mentioned but I noticed they were more expensive than on the website...having the tight hand I have on my economies I just rather buy them where I can find the cheapest prices. 

You can watch my video of this Haul on Youtube as well:

This is what I got

In total I spent 47,54 euros, with free shipping and taxes already included in the total price. As usual the shipping was super fast and it arrived 24h after I placed my order. They always do an amazing job with the packaging and all the products were sealed.

Now for the goodies ^^

First let's start with the 2 single shadows I got from Makeup Revolution. I am trying to embrace the colorful look but,being a neutral kind of girl, I thought I should start slow. With that in mind I picked two shadows that are colorful but not too "in your face". They are Insomnia (a beautiful purple jewel  tone) and Eden ( a dark emerald). Jewel tones are great for the fall and also to bring that hint of color without being too much. These were 1,45 euros each and honestly these are the cheapest eyeshadows I ever got...I would be worried but I have used MUR for a while now and I never had any problems so I trust the brand.

Swatches: Insomnia (left) and Eden (right) -1,45 euros each.

As you can see by the pictures these shadows are really pigmented (or at least they seem to be). I have yet to test them on the lids but they seem really promising and with next to none fall out. 
I will post a review on them after I have had the chance to try them out so keep tuned! 

Now onto lipsticks! I got 3 lipsticks this time, two of them in unsual colors and a nude one. As most of you makeup lovers, I have seen the pictures on pinterest and instagram of those black lips and grey lips and well...I wanted in! I have loved the black lipstick look for the longest time but, being so pale, I am always afraid of looking "dead". After I saw a few youtube videos of very pale princesses I finally gathered the courage and decided to try this trend out. And since I was gonna take the plunge I wanted to try the blue-ish grey one as well... I ended up getting the L.A. Girl matte lipsticks in Raven ( Black) and Poetic (Blue-ish grey). These were 4,95 euros each and they seem really creamy and not drying.

L.A. Girl Matte Lipsticks in Raven (black) and Poetic (Blue-ish grey), 4,95 euros each.

The nude I got is from the Rose Gold collection from Makeup Revolution and is called Chauffer. This color was sold out for the longest time and I've had my eye on it ever since it came out. 
The packaging is beautiful as you can see but the color is warmer than what I was hoping....

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in Chauffer (4,99 euros).

I also got a first for me: the Tonymoly Golden Mushroom Sleeping Mask. Unfortunately, our skin doesn't always remain beautiful and flawless and I've been noticing some fine lines wanting to show up. Since then I have been on a quest for products that might help delay that process. While researching I came across this little cutie. I am certain most of you have hear of the brand and like me have been wanting to try something out. Well, I'm going to start with this. All the reviews I found online were really good and hopefully I will have good things to say about it as well.This mask is a leave on mask. You put it on at night and it will be absorbed as you sleep. Again I will post a review later on, once I have had the time to put it to the test. 

Tonymoly Golden Mushroom sleeping mask (12,90 euros).

Lastly, I got the NYX lavender concealer and Duo LATEX FREE Lash Glue. Being of pale skin I have always had trouble finding a concealer that is light enough to do something for me. Usually the concealers I can find in Portugal are a bit too dark and we all know that doesn't work when you need to use concealer. Again, I took it to the web and ended up finding something that recommended the Lavender shade of the NYX concealer for very pale skins. I hope this works because I need something "drugstore" that I can afford and rely on...fingers crossed!

NYX concealer in the shade Lavender (6,90 euros)

As for the lash glue, I needed something Latex free because I always tear up and get red eyes when I use the normal DUO lash glue. I figured out it might be the latex because, when using latex free glues, I never have that problem. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please return to check the reviews. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :)

Have a wonderful week and till next time


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