sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

Flawless Matte Palette by Makeup Revolution

Hi Dolls!

This time I bring another palette review! This one is a matte palette with 32 different colors, from cold hues to warm ones.

I have been looking for a matte palette for the longest time and, unfortunately, the Sephora's in Portugal don't sell the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte palette (and let's face it, it's darn expensive!) so I went online and fell on the Makeup Revolution site again! You must be tired of hearing about this brand but who doesn't love a good bargain when it comes to makeup?! I sure do!

The palette is very light and great to take when you travel, it has a huge mirror and the feel of the shadows is so buttery. I have never felt anything like it, even on the brand shadows.

Swatches of the Flawless Matte Palette, from Left to Right (L-R). Again the first 2 colors aren't very noticeable due to my skin color being too light, all the others are just one swipe of each shadow. I used a primer for the swatches. 

The colors are beautiful and perfect for every day wear and neutral looks. The eye shadows themselves are a bit powdery and there are a few that need some building up. The best way to get them to show their full potential is by using a good primer underneath. Otherwise, the pigmentation isn't as noticeable.

Anyway it was a good buy for the price (9,99 euros, 8 pounds, around 12 dollars I believe), there is a wide variety of looks that can be achieved and we always need a matte palette in our collection.

Worth checking out for sure! :)

Let me know what you think and if you've found something similar or better!

Until next time!


sábado, 23 de abril de 2016

Outfit of the day: Spring Sunny day

Hey Dolls!

So today it will be a first for me...I'm posting a look of the day :D

The weather in Oporto ( to Spain but not really Spain) is always a bit cool but we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day that made me want to dress's what I came up with!

Excuse the awkward face, I was trying to look cool with the sun straight in my eyes...I kind of failed...meh

Anyways my outfit consisted of a midi black and white stripe dress from Primark (this I got a few years ago but it's a basic piece so it's easy to find. At the time it cost me 6 euros), a Zara trench coat in blush that I am in love with! It was a bit expensive at 49,99 euros (at least for me) but it's such a staple piece that it is worth it. The fabric is extra soft and it does crease a bit but oh well, I still love it! Go Zara!

As for the shoes, they are from Primark and I got them last week for 20 euros! They are really comfortable and since the heel is not that high they are easy to walk in. There were several colors besides camel (black and khaki, I believe...maybe grey even) but I wear a size 36 (uk 3) that these were the only ones I could find...I wish there were more in my size...I really want a pair of black lace ups... 

Hope you liked this post! Have a wonderful weekend and see you next time!



sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2016

Death by Chocolate palette by I ❤️ Makeup

Hey Dolls!

How's the week going? Hope you've had a great one and that the weekend is amazing!

Today I have a review of the Death by Chocolate palette by I ❤︎ Makeup, which is a branch of Makeup Revolution. Makeup Revolution has taken upon itself to make dupes of the Too Faced Chocolate palettes and it did such a great job! The colors are exact dupes and the pigmentation is wonderful, except for a little lack of on one of the matte shadows, but those are always hard to make even for the big brands.

So this palette is based on the Chocolate Bar palette but the colors are in between the original palette and the Semi-Sweet. They do have exact dupes of both those palettes, the BonBon palette and the Sweet Peach one. All of the palettes are around 9,99 euros ( 7,99 pounds, if I'm not mistaken and around 10,99 dollars) and can be ordered online on the MakeUp Revolution Store.

Now for the swatches (no primer) I've started on the first row, from Left to Right (L-R),

P.S: I'm sorry that the first color is not visible but apparently it's my exact skin color hehe

The shadows are really good and with a nice primer underneath, last all day! I was happily surprised once again!

For the value you, the pay off is beyond good! 4/5 stars!

Hope you found this review helpful, please keep on visiting Newances and contact me with any questions or suggestions :)



domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

Catrice Limited Edition Pure Shimmer Highlighter

Hi all!

So I went to the drugstore the other day to get a few things and ended up buying a new highlighter! Being very fair, I find it hard to find highlighters that suit me at the drugstore and this one looked light enough to be able to work...

So let's be true here...pigmentation is not that good but I think it might be due to the shape that was pressed into...Still trying to figure it out, honestly. The color is a gorgeous light rose golden, without being to rosy. It is beautiful and very natural but maybe it's because my skin is too light that it almost blends with the surroundings. :\ Always have that's either as light as me or it has too much pigmentation and it looks like a sparkly blob I places on my cheek bones!

Well the highlighter costs around 5,45 euros and it's limited edition so I am not sure how easy it is to find. The one I got was the last one at my local drugstore.
I'll leave you with the pictures and will keep you updated as to the efficiency of it... cross your fingers!

Have you tried this highlighter? Do you have any suggestions as to highlighter for Pale Princesses? Please let me know :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Makeup Revolution New trals vs Neutrals

Hey dolls!

So today I wanted to talked to you a bit about the Makeup Revolution palette: New trals vs Neutrals that I got for 6,95€ at the Maquillalia website . First of all, I absolutely LOVE this palette! It was the first  item I got from Makeup Revolutions and it became my favorite palette in just one use!
The palette is obviously a dupe for the Limecrime Venus I palette, that brought back that 90s grungy looks, but more affordable and with the benefit of also having the always reliable neutrals we love to use!
Sem Título.png

As you can see the colors are beautiful and the pigmentation is amazing! I have actually had the chance to use the Limecrime Venus palette and I like Makeup Revolution's palette way better! Even without a primer the colors show through very brightly, there is close to no fall out and they haven't caused any allergies (very common with pink and red pigments due to one of its components).
Here are some example of looks I have created with this palette.

The amount of different styles you can do with this palette is immense, whether it's a neutral cut crease, a red or brown smokey eye, halo looks, etc.
All in all I recommend this palette from all my heart and promise you won't regret spending 7 euros on it! Let me know what you think of it!