terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

NYX mini Haul - Opening of the first store in Porto

Hi cutie pies!

I am so sorry for how long it has been but between starting a new job and my grandma being hospitalized twice in a month, I have barely have time to breathe.

Nonetheless, I found a way to go visit the new NYX store that open in Parque Nascente in Oporto. I was so thrilled to finally have access to a brand as well known as NYX and with products that I love.

I had a hard time controlling myself but I came out with only 5 items...I'll be back tho hehe

So now let's start with the little haul ^^

I know it's not much but I am in love with every single piece!

First let me start with the Rea Round lipstick. I had been wanting a nude that would look good on pale skin for ages and I have finally found one! Rea is a brownish-grey kind of nude that doesn't give you that concealer look and that is able to cover the natural pink of my lips.

I know, that is probably the worst swatch you have ever seen. I'm sorry but it was the best I could do and it took me like 2 minutes to try to figure how to swatch...I'm so tired...
Anyway and you can see it's a gorgeous colour and super moisturizing lipstick. I recommend the round Nyx lipstick to everybody and I carry my "Thalia" one everywhere. Besides, it was 3,90 euros...can you beat that?! I think not!

Now, I have to say I've been looking to change my eye look a little by using colour eyeliners. I had seen the new vivid brights collection I just had to try the purple one! I really want to get a white liquid liner but I will get so this month, when  get my new paycheck.

The colour is really bright and the product dries totally matte! It's a bit of a pain to get out and it leaves kind of a pink mark behind...but I still think it's a cool detail for an eyeliner! And totally in trend if you have been keeping up with instagram. Just brighten up your usually liner for the holidays, or just everyday. 
Oh and they have all kinds of colours: lime green,bright blue, red, yellow, etc.

I also got a new blush that I have been drooling over for months!!!! The Ombre "Mauve Me" blush! It's a gorgeous color for every tone of skin since it's basically made up from 3 different colours. The lightest one can work as a highlight and the mix of all three makes the perfect rosey-mauvey blush colour. 

From right to left: lightest colour (almost invisible on my skin), darkest bottom colour and all 3 together. Please remember my skin is like wall colour so...the swatches aren't that amazing.

Look at that beauty! I admit I have a thing for mauve but this color makes my blush look so natural! Another great thing is the fact that if you swipe the brush from left to right (or right to left) and apply it, you get a highlight/blush/contour perfect blended effect.

The last thing I got was the Dewy Setting Spray. I had one from Kiko cosmetics but that thing seriously looked, smelled and felt like hair spray...and it honestly didn't work. At all!

Now this baby...ooooohhh yeah! It helped keep my make up all day long during the comic con, even when I was sweating like a pig. It also kept my skin looking glowy all day!
Probably wouldn't be the best choice for oily skin, but I do have a friend that has oily skin and she basically just sprays the matte one first, followed by the dewy one. She loves it and her skin looks amazing.

Well my darling, this is my entire Haul...I know it was small but I have a colourpop one coming so stay tuned!

Please let me know if you have tried any of these products, if you liked them and if you have any recommendations for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a joyful holiday season.

Peppermint kisses to you all and I will see you soon <3