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Blacklight Highlight Palette from BH Cosmetics

Hi cuties!

I am sorry for the long silence but I have had a crazy last 6 months. My grandma went to hospital and had everything you can imagine, now she is being fed by a tube because she refuses to eat...It's a very looong story.

Now, for something more cheerful! I have just receive the new Blacklight BH Cosmetics Highlight palette. Can I get an AMEN?! 'Cuz it took ages to get to me, thank to the Portuguese Custom Services.

Honestly, I've heard about this palette not so long ago, about a month I'd say. It took about a week to get to Portugal (by Spain) and then another week to get out of Customs...yeah...they take their time, alright.

Finally,let's take a look at this beauty...

Blacklight Highlighter Palette from BH Cosmetics

As you can see the palette comes with 6 very large pans of Highlighting shades. There is some controversy on the internet that it is a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild palette (I would die to get my hands in that one). I am unable to tell you if it is true because I do not own the ABH palette 😢.

What I can tell you, is that the colours are beautiful!! They might not look like much but when you put them on your skin, you can see how special they are.

I purchased them for 12 euros, because there was a sales going on. If you keep track of the BH Cosmetics website you'll know there is always a 25% or more campaign, which is great for us. Unfortunately, in Portugal, if you want to pay not Custom taxes, your order much be less than 22 euros in total, so I only ordered this (being that the shipping cost are about 7 euros).

I have swatched the colours from right to left. So from right to left we have: Electra, Laser, Kween, Strobe, On Point and Illusion.

Unfortunately, I am as pale as a wall and you can barely see the colours in the picture so I took the liberty of using one of the pictures BH Cosmetics has used on their Instagram. 

Here they started on the bottom row, from the right to the left.

As you can see there is a slight duo chrome effect to them, especially Illusion, which is my favorite 😊. The highlighters are a bit powdery but not much (I think they shall become less so with use). I have tried it on top of my clean face and there was no fall out, just a beautiful highlight. 

This is a palette to have fun with,I am absolutely in love with them! Even having the unicorn highlighter from I heart Makeup, because the unicorn one is just a normal, 5 colour highlighter, with no duo chrome effect at all, as you may see bellow.

Unicorn Heart highlighter from I heart Makeup. 

I cannot wait to play around with these and maybe make a youtube tutorial on it.

Hope you have enjoyed this small review and please leave your comments and suggestions down bellow. 


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