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Affordable Pre-Fall/ Back to School Lookbook (ebay, aliexpress, Stradivarius, Bershka)

Hi dolls!

Sorry for my long absence but unfortunately my grandma got very sick and passed you can imagine, I needed time to deal with it...I'm still dealing with it... Anyway, I bring you a small affordable lookbook for the beginning of the fall. Thank you for watching and please give it a like if you want to see more videos like this. Love you all, XOXO
E =1st Look= Pink Cardigan: Primark 10€ Heart Top: Aliexpress 12,50€ Jeans: local store but you can find them on Aliexpress around 16€ Satin Pink Sneakers: Stradivarius 25€ =2nd Look= Ressurectio Top: Aliexpress 15,49€ High waist Jeans: Local Store 16€ Ankle Boots: Local store 20€ =3rd Look= Frilly Grey top: Bershka (sales) 3,99€ Cheshire cat handbag : Ebay (sorry couldn't find the link) 10€ =4th Look= Shirt Dress: Stradivarius 25,99€ Corset Belt: Pull and Bear 12,99€ Thigh High Boots: Marypaz 49,99€ =5th Look= Cami Dress: Zara 12,99€ Pleather Coat: Primark 16,99€ =6th Look= Nude Duster Coat: Zara 49,99€ Nude shoes: Unisa 100€ Social Media: Facebook - Blog - Instagram - newances_niobe_mua

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Blacklight Highlight Palette from BH Cosmetics

Hi cuties!

I am sorry for the long silence but I have had a crazy last 6 months. My grandma went to hospital and had everything you can imagine, now she is being fed by a tube because she refuses to eat...It's a very looong story.

Now, for something more cheerful! I have just receive the new Blacklight BH Cosmetics Highlight palette. Can I get an AMEN?! 'Cuz it took ages to get to me, thank to the Portuguese Custom Services.

Honestly, I've heard about this palette not so long ago, about a month I'd say. It took about a week to get to Portugal (by Spain) and then another week to get out of Customs...yeah...they take their time, alright.

Finally,let's take a look at this beauty...

Blacklight Highlighter Palette from BH Cosmetics

As you can see the palette comes with 6 very large pans of Highlighting shades. There is some controversy on the internet that it is a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills MoonChild palette (I would die to get my hands in that one). I am unable to tell you if it is true because I do not own the ABH palette 😢.

What I can tell you, is that the colours are beautiful!! They might not look like much but when you put them on your skin, you can see how special they are.

I purchased them for 12 euros, because there was a sales going on. If you keep track of the BH Cosmetics website you'll know there is always a 25% or more campaign, which is great for us. Unfortunately, in Portugal, if you want to pay not Custom taxes, your order much be less than 22 euros in total, so I only ordered this (being that the shipping cost are about 7 euros).

I have swatched the colours from right to left. So from right to left we have: Electra, Laser, Kween, Strobe, On Point and Illusion.

Unfortunately, I am as pale as a wall and you can barely see the colours in the picture so I took the liberty of using one of the pictures BH Cosmetics has used on their Instagram. 

Here they started on the bottom row, from the right to the left.

As you can see there is a slight duo chrome effect to them, especially Illusion, which is my favorite 😊. The highlighters are a bit powdery but not much (I think they shall become less so with use). I have tried it on top of my clean face and there was no fall out, just a beautiful highlight. 

This is a palette to have fun with,I am absolutely in love with them! Even having the unicorn highlighter from I heart Makeup, because the unicorn one is just a normal, 5 colour highlighter, with no duo chrome effect at all, as you may see bellow.

Unicorn Heart highlighter from I heart Makeup. 

I cannot wait to play around with these and maybe make a youtube tutorial on it.

Hope you have enjoyed this small review and please leave your comments and suggestions down bellow. 


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Colourpop Haul from an European point of view

Hey cutie pies!

I have a haul for you today. A ColourPop haul!!! Anyone excited?! I mean from Europe, cuz we have had the chance to buy these for a short period of time!

Ok, I didn't buy a lot of stuff (I was a little short on money) but when I heard that they were doing a 4 dollar Europe shipping campaign, I had to open my wallet and scrap out every cent.

So let's start with the crappy part that we all know (Europeans) the duties that customs make us pay...Colourpop got the package to Portugal in 4 days! I kid you not!

Now duties...they took 20-freaking-days! Yes, I live in Portugal and it is actually the end of the world still...Oh and they didn't even contact me! I had to e-mail them and they ask me for a photocopy of my ID card and of the receipt with the description of all the products I bough and how much I had paid for each of them. Mind that I only bought 7 items that came up to 34 Euros (with shipping).

Yeah...after 20 days of waiting and back and forth e-mailing, the package finally got to me...and they made me pay 20 Euros to get it...So all in all, it came up to 54 something Euros.

Please bear in mind that I am not upset with Colourpop! They were amazing, extremely fast shipping and great products. I just really don't like Customs....

Now for the good part ^^ Colourpop goodies!!! You can see the colours on the lips on my youtube channel Newances by Ema.

As I've mentioned before, I didn't buy a whole lot but I got some great products!

Let's talk packaging...look at it...just look...

The inside of the box. It came with the products, a thank you card and a booklet with the current collection. 

Everything came perfectly packaged, with a type of foam around it and the inside of the box was so pretty with flowers and all.

Tootsie (left to right): lippie pencil and lippie stix on top, lippie stix, lippie pencil. 

Bichette (left to right): lippie pencil and lippie stix on top, lippie stix, lippie pencil. 

Marshmallow lippie pencil 

Gel liner in "Best O"

From left to right: Lippie pencil in "Marshmallow" and Gel line in "Best O"

Lippie stix: What can I say? Both of them are matter but they are extremely buttery and non-drying on your lips.

 - Tootsie is that perfect greije colour we have all been looking for since Limecrime invented "Cashmere".

 - Bichette is a very classy red,with a blue undertone, unlike its lippie pencil. The mix of the two creates a beautiful and perfect red, especially for very light skin like mine. 

Lippie pencil: The pencils are a bit more matte, like it's normal. I do advise esfoliating and moisturizing a few minutes prior to applying them because you will be able to see any skin that you have on your dry lips. 

 - Tootsie is a bit lighter and more of a brick colour than the Lippi stix, but still has that grey undertone. 

 - Bichette is a little more cherry toned than I thought, specially on the lips alone. I don't really like that kind of tone but many do and you may be able to pull using it totally alone. 

- Marshmallow was the little exra I had to buy. I love they grey purple colour on the lips. Maybe it's my Pastel goth side but still, I love it! Besides it's perfect to use with the Inglot's 436 I bought in 2016.

As for the Gel line "Best O", I have to say it's one of the best eyeliner's I have ever used. First  thought it was going to dry super fast because it looked dry already but I was pleasantly surprise. 

The liner glides beautifully and is so pigmented that you barely need any product! It will dry a bit fast on the brush (I use an angled brush, as you may see on the video) but it gives you the perfect winged liner easily.

There are some fall outs but they do not smudge, you can just swept them away with your finger or a fan brush if you want. 

The liner does last all day (and this coming from someone who occasionally rubs her eyes 'cuz she forgets she has eyeliner), without smudge or transferring!

So overall rating!!!

Lippie Styx: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lippie Pencils: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gel Liner: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall Colourpop has done an amazing job and whenever I get past my Customs trauma (and they have free shipping xD) I'm buying some more!!

Hope you have enjoyed this review and haul! Please subscribe to my youtube channel and leave any comments, advise or products you would like me to review, let me know!

Have a wonderful 2017!

See you next time,

- E -

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NYX mini Haul - Opening of the first store in Porto

Hi cutie pies!

I am so sorry for how long it has been but between starting a new job and my grandma being hospitalized twice in a month, I have barely have time to breathe.

Nonetheless, I found a way to go visit the new NYX store that open in Parque Nascente in Oporto. I was so thrilled to finally have access to a brand as well known as NYX and with products that I love.

I had a hard time controlling myself but I came out with only 5 items...I'll be back tho hehe

So now let's start with the little haul ^^

I know it's not much but I am in love with every single piece!

First let me start with the Rea Round lipstick. I had been wanting a nude that would look good on pale skin for ages and I have finally found one! Rea is a brownish-grey kind of nude that doesn't give you that concealer look and that is able to cover the natural pink of my lips.

I know, that is probably the worst swatch you have ever seen. I'm sorry but it was the best I could do and it took me like 2 minutes to try to figure how to swatch...I'm so tired...
Anyway and you can see it's a gorgeous colour and super moisturizing lipstick. I recommend the round Nyx lipstick to everybody and I carry my "Thalia" one everywhere. Besides, it was 3,90 euros...can you beat that?! I think not!

Now, I have to say I've been looking to change my eye look a little by using colour eyeliners. I had seen the new vivid brights collection I just had to try the purple one! I really want to get a white liquid liner but I will get so this month, when  get my new paycheck.

The colour is really bright and the product dries totally matte! It's a bit of a pain to get out and it leaves kind of a pink mark behind...but I still think it's a cool detail for an eyeliner! And totally in trend if you have been keeping up with instagram. Just brighten up your usually liner for the holidays, or just everyday. 
Oh and they have all kinds of colours: lime green,bright blue, red, yellow, etc.

I also got a new blush that I have been drooling over for months!!!! The Ombre "Mauve Me" blush! It's a gorgeous color for every tone of skin since it's basically made up from 3 different colours. The lightest one can work as a highlight and the mix of all three makes the perfect rosey-mauvey blush colour. 

From right to left: lightest colour (almost invisible on my skin), darkest bottom colour and all 3 together. Please remember my skin is like wall colour so...the swatches aren't that amazing.

Look at that beauty! I admit I have a thing for mauve but this color makes my blush look so natural! Another great thing is the fact that if you swipe the brush from left to right (or right to left) and apply it, you get a highlight/blush/contour perfect blended effect.

The last thing I got was the Dewy Setting Spray. I had one from Kiko cosmetics but that thing seriously looked, smelled and felt like hair spray...and it honestly didn't work. At all!

Now this baby...ooooohhh yeah! It helped keep my make up all day long during the comic con, even when I was sweating like a pig. It also kept my skin looking glowy all day!
Probably wouldn't be the best choice for oily skin, but I do have a friend that has oily skin and she basically just sprays the matte one first, followed by the dewy one. She loves it and her skin looks amazing.

Well my darling, this is my entire Haul...I know it was small but I have a colourpop one coming so stay tuned!

Please let me know if you have tried any of these products, if you liked them and if you have any recommendations for me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and a joyful holiday season.

Peppermint kisses to you all and I will see you soon <3

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Naked Chocolate - I ❤ Makeup

Hey Cuties!

Olá amores!

Yes, I got another Chocolate palete! I've been bad and been spending money on makeup...oops hehe but it's a little different from the other since this one is all about "nude colors" ( and it cost 10 euros so my wallet is happy too).

Sim, comprei outra palete Chocolate! Tenho andado a ser má e a gastar dinheiro em makeup...woops hehe mas esta é um pouco diferente da anterior pois é só constituída por cores "nude" (e custos 10 euros por isso a minha carteira também está feliz ^^).

 As you may have noticed already the packaging is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate palettes. And it's no surprised that these are called Chocolate too (this one even has a hint of chocolate smell, yummmmms). The I ❤ Makeup have several of these and I have already reviewed one of them here,

Como já devem ter reparado a embalagem é mais uma vez uma imitação das paletes Chocolate da Too Faced. E não é surpresa nenhuma que também se chamem Chocolate (esta até tem um cheirinho a chocolate yummmmm). A marca I ❤ Makeup tem várias paletes dentro desta linha e já fiz uma review de uma delas aqui.

I liked the quality of the Death by Chocolate palette so much that I had to get the Naked Chocolate. Also I love my nudes as you may have noticed already! But you can never go wrong with a nude, can you?! I don't think so!

Eu gostei tanto da qualidade da Death by Chocolate que tive que comprar a Naked Chocolate. Também tenho um amor por nudes, como já devem ter reparado! Mas podemos sempre confiar nos nudes, certo? 

I've read this is a dupe to one of the Lorac palettes. Since I don't own any of those I'll take their word for it.

Eu li que esta palete é um dupe de uma das paletes da Lorac. Honestamente, como não tenho nada da Lorac não vos posso dizer se é verdade.

Swatches of the first row
Swatches da primeira fila

Second row swatches
Swatches da segunda linha

Third row swatches
Swatches da terceira linha

Truth is, I really like this palette, there are good matte colors that can work as transition colors or as an all over the lid color and the shimmers look beautiful on the eyes! This is the kind of palete that you bring when you travel and don't want to pack too much. Here are a couple of looks I've made using only this palette

A verdade, é que eu adoro esta palete, os mattes são bons e funcionam tanto como cores de transição como para a pálpebra inteira e os shimmers ficam lindos nos olhos! Acho que é a paleta perfeita quando vamos para fora e não queremos levar muita coisa. Aqui estão alguns looks apenas com as cores desta palete 

As you can see the colors show beautifully and you can do a lot with these! Even cut crease!

Como podem ver as cores têm uma intensidade linda e dá para fazer vários looks! Até cut crease!

Hope you liked this review, please leave me any comments or suggestions of products you would like me to review :)

Espero que tenham gostado desta review, por favor deixem comentários ou sugestões de productos que gostassem de ver :)

Love you all and have a great week!
Adoro-vos a todos e tenham uma optima semana! 

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Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Hey dolls!
Olá belezas!

Today I bring you a small review of a drugstore eye shadow primer. If you're like me, you've heard about eye shadow primers like the Urban Decay Primer Potion and all those primers that basically cost the same as a makeup palette! Well I can't afford to spend that much on a primer and I want my eye shadow to stay all day without creasing! Specially since I sometimes cry when I laugh and then end up having 2 wings instead of one and a part of my eye shadow gone :(

Hoje trago uma pequena review de um primer de olhos do supermercado. Se são como eu, já ouviram falar daqueles primers de marca como os da Urban Decay que custam quase o mesmo que uma palete! não tenho dinheiro para isso e também quero que a minha maquilhagem dure o dia todo sem linhas! Especialmente porque eu choro quando me rio às vezes e acabo por ficar com dois eyeliners e sem parte da sombra :(

So I was looking around my drugstore and I found something really good: the Essence I Love Stage eyeshadow base. At only 3,29€ this primer is a catch! It made my eye makeup last all day with NO creasing and didn't cause me any reactions.

Fui procurar nos supermercados e encontrei um producto muito bom: o primer da Essence I Love Stage. Por apenas 3,29€ este primer é espectacular! Faz com que a minha maquilhagem dure o dia todo SEM linhas e não me causou reacção nenhuma.

This primer has a silicone feel to it but it's really light feel on the skin once blended. It does look a bit orange, specially on pale skin like mine but after blending and setting with a light pale shadow it's the perfect base.

Este primer tem um toque de silicone mas não fica pesado na pele depois de espalhar. Tem um ar um pouco laranja, especialmente em pele pálida como a minha mas após espalhar e passar uma sombra num tom cru, torna-se a base perfeita.

Overall, I am really happy with this product and it has become on of my go-to products while doing my makeup.

Em conclusão, estou muito contente com este producto e tornou-se um dos meus essenciais quando me maquilho.

My eye makeup after 8h
Maquilhagem ao fim de 8h 

I hope you liked this little post. Please, subscribe to my youtube channel for some reviews and makeup looks. 
If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to write to me down bellow, I would love to hear from you :)

Espero que tenham gostado deste pequeno post. Por favor, subscrevam ao meu canal do youtube se quiserem ver reviews e videos de maquilhagem.
Se tiverem alguma duvida ou sugestão por favor escrevam-me :)


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Maquillalia Haul: Makeup Revolution, Tonymoly, NYX and L.A.Girl.

Hey dolls!

I am sorry I've been absent for so long but I caught a horrible laryngitis and then went on vacation with my family to Spain and ended up not doing much. But now I am healthy again and back to business!

 I hope your Summer was amazing and that you're recharged for a new work year (unless you haven't gone on vacs yet than Hold on! you'll get there! :) )

 So today I bring you a small haul from the Maquillalia website. While I was in Spain I did see some of the products here mentioned but I noticed they were more expensive than on the website...having the tight hand I have on my economies I just rather buy them where I can find the cheapest prices. 

You can watch my video of this Haul on Youtube as well:

This is what I got

In total I spent 47,54 euros, with free shipping and taxes already included in the total price. As usual the shipping was super fast and it arrived 24h after I placed my order. They always do an amazing job with the packaging and all the products were sealed.

Now for the goodies ^^

First let's start with the 2 single shadows I got from Makeup Revolution. I am trying to embrace the colorful look but,being a neutral kind of girl, I thought I should start slow. With that in mind I picked two shadows that are colorful but not too "in your face". They are Insomnia (a beautiful purple jewel  tone) and Eden ( a dark emerald). Jewel tones are great for the fall and also to bring that hint of color without being too much. These were 1,45 euros each and honestly these are the cheapest eyeshadows I ever got...I would be worried but I have used MUR for a while now and I never had any problems so I trust the brand.

Swatches: Insomnia (left) and Eden (right) -1,45 euros each.

As you can see by the pictures these shadows are really pigmented (or at least they seem to be). I have yet to test them on the lids but they seem really promising and with next to none fall out. 
I will post a review on them after I have had the chance to try them out so keep tuned! 

Now onto lipsticks! I got 3 lipsticks this time, two of them in unsual colors and a nude one. As most of you makeup lovers, I have seen the pictures on pinterest and instagram of those black lips and grey lips and well...I wanted in! I have loved the black lipstick look for the longest time but, being so pale, I am always afraid of looking "dead". After I saw a few youtube videos of very pale princesses I finally gathered the courage and decided to try this trend out. And since I was gonna take the plunge I wanted to try the blue-ish grey one as well... I ended up getting the L.A. Girl matte lipsticks in Raven ( Black) and Poetic (Blue-ish grey). These were 4,95 euros each and they seem really creamy and not drying.

L.A. Girl Matte Lipsticks in Raven (black) and Poetic (Blue-ish grey), 4,95 euros each.

The nude I got is from the Rose Gold collection from Makeup Revolution and is called Chauffer. This color was sold out for the longest time and I've had my eye on it ever since it came out. 
The packaging is beautiful as you can see but the color is warmer than what I was hoping....

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold lipstick in Chauffer (4,99 euros).

I also got a first for me: the Tonymoly Golden Mushroom Sleeping Mask. Unfortunately, our skin doesn't always remain beautiful and flawless and I've been noticing some fine lines wanting to show up. Since then I have been on a quest for products that might help delay that process. While researching I came across this little cutie. I am certain most of you have hear of the brand and like me have been wanting to try something out. Well, I'm going to start with this. All the reviews I found online were really good and hopefully I will have good things to say about it as well.This mask is a leave on mask. You put it on at night and it will be absorbed as you sleep. Again I will post a review later on, once I have had the time to put it to the test. 

Tonymoly Golden Mushroom sleeping mask (12,90 euros).

Lastly, I got the NYX lavender concealer and Duo LATEX FREE Lash Glue. Being of pale skin I have always had trouble finding a concealer that is light enough to do something for me. Usually the concealers I can find in Portugal are a bit too dark and we all know that doesn't work when you need to use concealer. Again, I took it to the web and ended up finding something that recommended the Lavender shade of the NYX concealer for very pale skins. I hope this works because I need something "drugstore" that I can afford and rely on...fingers crossed!

NYX concealer in the shade Lavender (6,90 euros)

As for the lash glue, I needed something Latex free because I always tear up and get red eyes when I use the normal DUO lash glue. I figured out it might be the latex because, when using latex free glues, I never have that problem. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please return to check the reviews. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :)

Have a wonderful week and till next time